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Our Pastor

Pastor Aaron Revis was born was to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Revis on 10/24/1968.

He vividly remembers December of 1997 as he preached his very first message. He officially became pastor of Bogles Chapel Baptist Church on June 11, 2003.

“I applied as a candidate and preached my first message at Bogles Chapel Baptist Church in January of 03"


Our Pastors reflections:

“I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of nine. Born in a Christian home, I was taken to church faithfully as a child. One Sunday morning my Sunday school teacher, Margaret Thompson, at Kelley Grove Baptist Church, had given a lesson on John chapter 3 ending with verse 16. As she gave the opportunity to respond at the end of class, with our heads bowed, I knew God was dealing with me, I knew I was lost and needed Jesus. But at that time in my life, I was shy as they come, I was about to bust inside knowing I needed Christ. Thankfully a young lady next to me raised her hand to trust Christ, Mrs. Margaret came and set next to her and begin to lead her to Christ. Unknowing to Mrs. Margaret, a little shy boy set close by with his ears glued to every word she said. After the presentation was given, my mind was made up, I ask Jesus to save me and forgive my sin. I went home that day and shared with my parents what had happened. I ask when to be baptized, they responded, "you will know the time". I believe now that scripture teaches immediately after trusting Christ you should be baptized, not to be saved but as a clear proclamation you are saved. However, I went with my direction "I would know when". Several times in my life God had pricked my heart about following this important step, but each time I could find an excuse why not to respond.  At the age of twenty three after being married, I was at church with my new wife on a Sunday morning, several times the Lord had dealt with me about my unfinished business of baptism, but this morning was different. I heard the pastor say a baptismal service would be had that day and I knew in my heart; this was the day. I would no longer run from this direction God was giving me. I had determined in my heart that when the invitation was given, I was going to respond and ask the pastor to Baptize me with the others scheduled that day. One problem occurred, no invitation was given, the pastor ask a man to pray while he went back to get ready for the remainder of the service. I was tired of running, I would not let this chance pass by, so I got up and made my way quickly to the front of the church and caught the pastor going into the baptistery. I told him I had accepted Christ at an early age and had run from baptism for years; I needed to get it settled. He excitedly smiled and said he would baptize me. His name was Dr. Danny Ruehling. I rode home that day in my shirt and tie soaked to the bone, but no longer to be burdened with the conviction of what I knew I should do. After this step of obedience, God began to quickly work in my life. My shyness began to fade away. It was as though God had been waiting on me so he could lead me on to what he had planned for my life. God led me to Calvary Baptist Church in Graysville, TN where under the teaching of Dr. Curtis Sayre, God prepared me for what lay ahead. After several roles of leadership from Wednesday night youth leader, to Sunday school teacher and on to Deacon, God was preparing me for the next and most important step of my life, the Pastoral role, which happened to be at Bogles Chapel Baptist Church. While I was at Calvary, I met undoubtedly the most influential person God would use in my life, Bro. Cliff Cauthorn, a fresh Masters Degree graduate from Bob Jones University. With his charisma and enthusiasm from college, he pushed me spiritually in every part of my life. From soul winning to Bible study to just teaching me to Love people and see a soul in need of a Savior, instead of what the world sees. I am so thankful for Bro. Cliff, he is an awesome friend. He is in Clintwood Virginia currently acting as Senior pastor with a wife and five beautiful children.


Pastor Aaron Revis behind the pulpit
Pastor Aaron Revis studying God's Word
I am very thankful for all whom God has used in my life. From my Christian heritage, to Godly wife and in-laws, and the wonderful Men and Woman God has blessed me to be around, I am so glad God has everything under control. Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. And Acts 15:18 states Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.!  The Lord has blessed me so very much. I have a wonderful wife (Kim) of Twenty years and Two beautiful daughters (Kanyon and Chyanne) that God has entrusted us with, to direct in his path, God is SO Good.
pastor Aaron Revis preaching the word
pastor Aaron Revis Singing a Gospel song
Bogles Chapel Baptist Church with Pastor Aaron Revis and his Family
pastor Aaron Revis and his Family